A Whale, A Fish (ep)

by Finn Riggins

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From the travel journal frenetics of Wurlitz and the 70's German prog tendencies of "Mahoney" to the funerary "A Whale, A Fish." Idaho's Finn Riggins shows their mettle and wins our hearts with this, their Tender Loving Empire debut EP.

Features "Wurlitz", a b-side from the A SOLDIER, A SAINT, AN OCEAN EXPLORER sessions as well as "The Plumest" that also appeared on A SOLDIER, A SAINT, AN OCEAN EXPLORER. "DeTamble pt. 1" is an early home recording of what would eventually become "DeTamble Wings" on A SOLDIER, A SAINT, AND OCEAN EXPLORER. "Thumbs To Muse" and "A Whale, A Fish" are also home recordings of songs that occasionally appear in Finn Riggins live sets -- these are the only released recording of these tunes. "Mahoney (My Homie)" is an early home recording version of "Mahoney" that appeared on 2009 Finn Riggins full length VS WILDERNESS.


released September 13, 2007

album artwork by Lloyd Winter IV // hand-screenprinted at Tender Loving Empire // "Wurlitz" and "The Plumest" engineered by Bill Forbes // mixed by Bill Forbes, Eric Gilbert & Finn Riggins // produced by Finn Riggins & Jared Mees // "DeTamble pt.1", "Thumbs To Muse", "Mahoney (My Homie)", "A Whale, A Fish" engineered, mixed and produced by Eric Gilbert and Finn Riggins // all music & lyrics by Finn Riggins (Cameron Bouiss, Eric Gilbert, Lisa Simpson) // mastered by Bill Forbes //



all rights reserved


Finn Riggins Boise, Idaho


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Track Name: The Plumest
When all the plums have ripened / and withered in their thirst / when the sky has been painted grey / by the wings of migrating birds / This will be the last time / I will dream of spiders / and I will dream in grey / the moon comes somersaulting / salt and pepper salt and / the night has brought me feathers and pebbles and footsteps / this will be the first time / I won’t wake up with cold shakes / staring up at three tiny perfectly folded cranes / chewing at the inside of my cheeks my teeth / this will be the last time / this will be the first time / this will be the best time / I will give myself / I will let myself / I will shed myself / and I will see myself / This will be the best time / When all the plums have ripened//
Track Name: A Whale, A Fish
As the sails came down, we cried for help / but no heard over the roaring sea / so we prayed and held on / but the storm, the storm, it swallowed us /// and then the waves crashed on the deck / and as they left, they carried me / they swept me away, away, away / away, away, and out to sea ///

In the still of the massive sea / i floated on, deeper, deep / i found a friend in a whale, a fish / a friend in all that exists / when i breathe, she breathes with me / so we breathe so peacefully